2019 Exhibits

Holiday Artist Market

Holiday Reception: December 19 4-7pm

Shop from our selection of fine art, artisan made goods, and handmade crafts.

Choose from jewelry, pottery, paintings, photography, assemblage, wooden cutting boards, resin ornaments, cards, metal sculpture, alcohol paintings and more.

This year gallery840 is donating 5% of all holiday sales to the William Allen High School Arts Academy.

LAYERS of artistic process

September 5- October 5, 2019

Artists: John-Carl Brew, Hershel Dorney & Jill R Snyder

Building on the foundation of design and technique, each artist adds creativity to their process by allowing the materials, whether paint, glass or metal, to move them intuitively. The result is a conversation with the audience that goes beyond the surface of the artwork to a depth with meaning and purpose. Artwork includes painting, sculpture and mosaic.


August 1-31, 2019

Artists: Taryn Day, Molly Gilley, Lauren Kuhn, Elena Shackleton, and Wendy Stoudt

"Dramatic Focus" presents reflective surfaces, bold colors, and magnified views create a striking collection of paintings which encourage the viewer to see each subject with a new vision.

A Walk Through Eden

July 5-27, 2019

Artist: Laura Brady

Laura sees the world differently than most. Her world is created with dynamic, vivid color, where sound is transformed into shape and emotion is released in the movement of a paint brush. Her stunning florals and fauna are refreshing for both the mind and spirit as she brings a glimpse of a new reality.

Come take a Walk through Eden and discover the beauty that captures Laura's spirit and causes her to burst into song. Her hope is that you would be refreshed and renewed as you reflect on the Earth’s most wondrous place.

RECEPTIONS: JULY 5th 7-9pm, JULY 6th 12-3pm, & JULY 18th 7-9pm

In the Tradition: May 23-June 29

Lehigh Valley Landscapes by Joseph Skrapits

When he began painting in the 1980s, Allentown artist Joseph Skrapits studied the landscape painting methods of the French Impressionists, using Lehigh Valley subjects as a laboratory to understand how to capture atmosphere, perspective, and color harmony. What began as an experiment became a decades-long involvement with the remnant beauty of our local rivers and countryside. This solo exhibition celebrates the enduring power of landscape painting to stimulate and refresh the creative imagination.

Creative Discovery: An Artist's Exploration

Maureen Burger

April 4-May 11, 2019

Exploring the harmony of colors and the effect of light, Maureen paints with the spark of inspiration in a variety of media and subject matter. Her travels near and far become the catalyst for her artistic creations.

Pondering the Place: February 21- March 30, 2019

Connie Peters

Margaret Wiseheart Anderson

Erin Pryor Gill

Through careful observation of the paths and places that they encounter, Connie Peters, Margaret Wiseheart Anderson & Erin Pryor Gill are able to capture the quiet beauty and joyful colors that nature continually provides. Inspired by the changing color palette of shifting seasons, each artist invites you to join this journey of serenity and nostalgia.

Earth Laughs in Flowers

Mandy Martin

January 5-February 16, 2019

Nature is the main muse of Mandy's paintings, whether it is a deep dive into a flower or a floating view of a dream-like landscape. She hopes to inspire others to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unexpected places, and to take care of the earth. Using layers of acrylic paint, she captures the vibrant colors and fascinating textures in the natural world in a collection of uplifting paintings that warm the soul.