--Wendy J Stoudt--

What makes something worthy to be painted? For each artist it is a different thing that attracts their attention and calls to them. For me it is color combinations, dramatic lighting or peaceful atmospheres. Like the Impressionists, I attempt to capture the play of light and color that first caught my eye. I find these potential paintings in observing God’s creation as well as those places and things that I walk past every day. I have an album full of ideas but for now I am painting those places and objects that bring joy and a feeling of rest. My hope is that you will take time to be still and discover the beauty of the moments around you.

Fields of Promise, oil, 16x20 inches

SOLD - Mountains Majesty, oil on canvas, 84x48 inches

Peaceful Streams, oil, 11x14 inches

SOLD! Protected, oil on canvas, 8x8 inches

SOLD! Resilient, oil on canvas, 10x10 inches

Journey, oil on canvas, 12x12 inches

Radiance, oil on canvas, 24x 12 inches

SOLD ! Sweet Peace, oil on cradled panel, 10x10

Beyond the Horizon, oil on canvas, 36x24 inches

Eyes to the Skies, oil on canvas, 12x9x1.5 inches

Shining Through, oil on canvas, 36x24 inches

SOLD - Break Forth in Song, oil on canvas, 14x11 inches

New England Canal, acrylic on canvas, 20x16 inches

Some Day, oil, 18x24 inches

Multiplied Peace, oil, 24x30 inches

Interested in a Custom Painting in my style? I would love to work with you to create that special keepsake. More details on my style, painting option and the process can be found by clicking the link below.